"God of War"


Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5' 11"
Reach: --
Weight: 170 lbs.


Benoît Saint Denis was born on the 18th of December, 1995, nestled under the olive trees of Nîmes, South France. Such a serene setting is far removed from the life Benoît has since carved for himself, a successful journey steeped in discipline, athleticism, and combat within the unforgiving world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Currently competing in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), as of December 5, 2023, Saint Denis is 12th in the UFC lightweight rankings.

Military discipline was instilled in Saint Denis from an early age as his father was a French Army officer who had a promising judo career. His mother was a teacher, nurturing an environment that introduced Benoît to his first sporting pursuits: judo, football, and rugby union in his youth. Training in both France and Germany, judo became his gateway to martial arts, earning his black belt by the age of 16.

Before breaking into his MMA career, Saint Denis had already proven himself as a skilled and courageous soldier. He was a member of the 1st Marine Infantry Paratroopers Regiment, a unit of the French Army Special Forces Command. His service included fighting in West Africa against terrorist groups and participating in the war in Mali, for which he was awarded the Medal of the Nation’s Gratitude and the Combatant’s Cross in 2017. However, after five years of service, in March 2019, Saint Denis decided to leave the army.

During his military service and beyond, Saint Denis furthered his fluency in combat sports by training in kickboxing with Stéphane Susperregui and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) with Christophe Savoca. He honed these skills in the Bayonne region close to his regiment, a testament to his unwavering discipline and dedication. His efforts weren’t in vain; he competed and won the medium-heavyweight division in BJJ at the 2017 West Zone Championship in France. An impressive feat that earned him the trophy and blue belt.

However, Saint Denis’ aspirations for MMA stardom were still fanning into a searing flame. In September 2017, he tested his mettle at the Invictus XV amateur tournament and triumphed in the welterweight division. Recognising Saint Denis was capable of launching into professional MMA, Christophe Savoca requested a week of intensive training for him with Brazilian colleague Luiz Tosta, at Shootfighters, an MMA gym in London.

Fuelled by fierce determination, in September 2018, he passed an organized test by renowned French coach Daniel Woirin, with flying colors. Encouraged by this recognition, Saint Denis decided to embark on a career as a professional MMA fighter. He understood the colossal task at hand, setting himself a deadline of two years to break into the highest level in MMA. With his savings, he was able to train full-time, aiming for a most prized goal: joining the UFC.

Aligned with the Bulgarian Top Team managed by Giom Peltier, Saint Denis won six fights within eleven months. However, the momentum he was gaining was interrupted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, paired with coach Daniel Woirin, Saint Denis stayed undefeated, culminating in eight wins by finish in middleweight, welterweight, and super lightweight divisions.

Saint Denis finally joined the major leagues of MMA, making his UFC debut in the welterweight division against Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos at UFC 267 on October 30, 2021. His journey was fraught with challenges, severe injuries, replacements of opponents, and personal injuries. However, his unshakeable persistence led him to claim victories over highlighted fighters such as Niklas Stolze, Thiago Moisés, and Matt Frevola.

Saint Denis has carved out a particular combat style, rooted around wrestling and submissions. He puts constant pressure on his opponents, pushing them to their limit until he manages to finish the fight. A total of thirteen victories, including four knockouts and nine submissions, bears testament to his ability to deliver brutal finishers. Half of these victories occurred within the first round, demonstrating his speed and fierce determination.

Benoît’s warrior-like spirit seems to stem from the military essence he carried along with him. Fondly known as the ‘God of War’, assigned by his brothers after his third professional victory, Saint Denis symbolizes a warrior’s attitude in both name and spirit. These aspects of his personality are expressed through his four tattoos, all of which have personal significance, reflecting different facets of his military and personal life.

Despite his high premiums on MMA, Saint Denis expertises in personal security and training. His knowledge and skills acquired from the military and MMA lend themselves to his work as an instructor for Chiron, a French private security company. As far as his personal life is concerned, he married his long-time fiancée Laura, a former French international futsal player, just a week before his monumental fight at UFC Fight Night 209. The couple welcomed their daughter into the world in July 2023. Determined, disciplined, and destined for greatness, Benoît Saint Denis rides high on the tempestuous waves of UFC, forever embodying the spirit of the ‘God of War’. His is a tale that continues to unravel in the UFC’s octagon, adding riveting chapters of victory, defeat, passion, and persistence.


Who Is The Wife Of Benoit Saint-Denis?
The wife of Benoit Saint-Denis is Laura, a former French international futsal player and current dog trainer and shooting instructor in the police.

What Is Benoit Saint-Denis's Ranking?
As of December 5, 2023, Benoit Saint-Denis is ranked #12 in the UFC lightweight division.

What Is Benoit Saint-Denis's Military Background?
Before his MMA career, Benoit Saint-Denis served in the 1st Marine Infantry Paratroopers Regiment, a unit of the French Army Special Forces Command, and fought against terrorist groups in West Africa, including during the war in Mali.

What Is The Age Of Benoit Saint-Denis?
Benoit Saint-Denis is 28 years old.

What Is The Tapology Of Benoit Saint-Denis?
Benoit Saint-Denis, also known as "God of War", is a professional MMA fighter documented on Tapology.

What Is Benoit Saint-Denis's Profile On Sherdog?
As of now, the Sherdog profile of 'God of War' Benoit Saint-Denis is unknown.

Was Benoit Saint-Denis A Navy SEAL?
No, Benoit Saint-Denis was not a Navy SEAL; he was a member of the 1st Marine Infantry Paratroopers Regiment of the French Army Special Forces Command.

What Are The Highlights Of Benoit Saint-Denis' Career Or Works?
Benoit Saint-Denis has distinguished himself as the first French fighter to compete and win at a UFC card in France and be ranked in the lightweight division, and has also earned two 'Performance of the Night' awards against Gabriel Miranda and Matt Frevola, as well as 'Fight of the Night' versus Thiago Moisés, and 'Fight of the Month'.