"The Savage"


Stance: Orthodox
Division: Welterweight
Height: 5' 10"
Reach: 71"
Weight: 155 lbs.


Allan Joseph Champneys Cunningham, often known by his initials as A.J.C Cunningam, was not just a figurehead in the early world of British Mathematics, but was also an unorthodox blend of academic and military aspirations, marking an unconventional path for a mathematician. He was born in 1842 in the city of Delhi, nestled in the bustling heart of India. Cunningham was the progeny of Sir Alexander Cunningham, a renowned archaeologist in his time and instrumental in the establishment of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Young Cunningham’s journey began quite differently as he embarked on a military career. He served with the East India Company’s Bengal Engineers, entering the military life at an age when most young men of his standing would consider their academic pursuits foremost. Within the daunting environment of the military, his stark intellect and academic inclinations shone through and he found a place as an instructor in mathematics.

The latter part of the 19th century saw Cunningham relocate from India to Roorkee to teach at the Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT Roorkee). His ten-year tenure, from 1871 to 1881, saw him bring his unique blend of military discipline and academic flexibility to the institute, fostering a cerebral atmosphere of learning.

Post 1881, Cunningham made his way back to the United Kingdom where he continued his passion for teaching. He took up positions at military institutes in Chatham, Dublin, and Shorncliffe, continuing his mission to amalgamate the brilliance of combat strategy with the precision of mathematics.

In 1891, Cunningham decided to step back from his militant lifestyle, retiring from the army. The years that followed would be devoted, not surprisingly, to pure mathematics. Specifically, he dove headfirst into the study of number theory and proceeded to apply his accumulated knowledge and expertise to a rather interesting cause; he began finding factors of large numbers of the form an ± bn. Some peculiarly intriguing examples of such numbers he engaged with included Mersenne numbers (2^p – 1) and Fermat numbers (2^(2^n) + 1), which have b = 1.

His death in 1928 did not mark the end of his efforts in this niche field. In fact, his work propelled the initiation of the Cunningham Project, ensuring that the legacy of Alan Cunningham continues to influence the mathematical world.

The man who was born in the colonial land of India, served in the military, taught in premiere institutions of two continents, and retired to further the cause of Mathematics, was indeed a mathematician extraordinaire. Yet, there is so much more to Alan Joseph Champneys Cunningham – the scholar, the military officer, the educator and the visionary – a testament to a life well lived and an intellect that continues to inspire.

Fight History

Ludovit Klein
AJ Cunningham: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 4:36
Sat. Mar 02, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Gaziev


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