As the highly-anticipated UFC fight steadily approaches, fans across the globe are doled out with myriad predictions surrounding the main event clash between Yair Rodriguez (-175) and Brian Ortega (+145) for UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2. Both fighters portray colossal prowess and potential, leaving the spectators second-guessing. However, based on multiple factors, among them being their past performances and respective skillsets, the prediction of the winner of this long-awaited scuffle leans more towards Rodriguez.

Yair “El Pantera” Rodriguez is a distinct, elite fighter known for his dynamic style even in the competitive and unforgiving world of the UFC. His athleticism, striking precision, and exceptional footwork make him one of the most respected fighters in the featherweight division. Rodriguez has accumulated a professional record of 13-2-0, a record that does not go unnoticed when predicting the potential winner.

Rodriguez’s most notable strength is his striking capability. Showcasing an unorthodox and unpredictable style, he floods his opponents with a variety of spinning techniques to disrupt their rhythm and create openings. This style has led to some breathtaking victories, including an unforgettable last-second upward elbow knockout against Chan Sung Jung, giving him monumental momentum heading into this fight.

On the other hand, Brian “T-City” Ortega, though being an underdog, carries his own arsenal of deadly skills, meritorious enough to pose a challenge to Rodriguez. The Californian mixed martial artist holds a professional record akin to Rodriguez at 15-1-0. Notably, Ortega brings about a substantial facet to this fight: his fierce and revered grappling ability.

Considering Ortega’s rich background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he holds a black belt, one can deem him extremely dangerous when the fight goes to the ground. Ortega has consistently used his superior grappling and submission skills to trouble his opponents. His knack for capitalizing on even the slightest of opponent errors shows his invaluable experience in his fighting career.

Rodriguez’s striking advantage against Ortega’s grappling strength sets up an intriguing “striker vs. grappler” contest. If Ortega manages to take the fight to the ground and negate Rodriguez’s striking, he has a significant chance of coming out victorious. However, if Rodriguez keeps the fight standing and utilizes his various combinations, he will undoubtedly dominate over Ortega.

When predicting who will emerge the winner, it’s necessary to consider other factors beyond their fighting style alone. Rodriguez’s infamous last-second elbow knockout against Chan Sung Jung demonstrated his ability to withstand intense pressure and still shine through. On the other hand, Ortega’s loss to Max Holloway exposed vulnerability in his game, especially when tested in striking exchanges.

Additionally, Rodriguez is going into the fight after a two-year hiatus from the ring, adding an intriguing dynamic to the prediction. Ring rust can be overlooked in many cases, but it might play a significant role considering Rodriguez’s long lay-off, which might edge the fight slightly in favor of Ortega who had an impressive performance against “The Korean Zombie”.

However, the notable point in this fight is not just Rodriguez’s striking, but also his takedown defense. Despite Ortega’s extensive grappling background, Rodriguez has proven to disrupt the game plans of previous opponents who have also tried to take him down. Such assets make him a significant contender in this combat.

While Ortega very well could excel in bringing Rodriguez to the ground, Rodriguez’s athletic prowess and agility should allow him to evade Ortega’s attempts firmly. With his takedown defense rated at 81%, Rodriguez has a high likelihood of keeping the fight upright where his striking prowess can shine.

It’s essential to keep in mind that in UFC, any fighter can seize the day with just one well-placed punch or submission. However, predictions are about playing the odds, reflecting on the fighters’ skillsets, physiques, strategies, and even mentalities.

Thus, based on all the outlined factors and the fighters’ profiles, our prediction leans towards Yair Rodriguez as the potential victor in the UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2. His unorthodox striking and elusive maneuvering combined with his outstanding takedown defense, pressured resilience, and thrilling unpredictability could see him besting Brian Ortega in this epic clash.

However, in a sport so unpredictable, it’s vital to keep a keen eye and open mind. While Rodriguez is the favored victor in this prediction, it’s nearly impossible to rule out Ortega as a potential upset. This fight has been anticipated to be thrilling, and unpredictable, offering the MMA world an electrifying combat.








16-4-0 (1 NC)


15-3-0 (1 NC)