NaLyssa Smith's Stats and Biography

Team: New York Knicks

Position: F


Who Are Nalyssa Smith And Dijonai Carrington?
Nalyssa Smith and Dijonai Carrington are both professional basketball players who are in a relationship, with Carrington being a star in the WNBA and Smith being her supportive girlfriend.

Who Is Nalyssa Smith In The WNBA?
Nalyssa Smith is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Indiana Fever in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Who Is Nalyssa Smith From Baylor?
NaLyssa Smith is a prominent women's basketball player for the Baylor University Bears.

What Is Nalyssa Smith's Instagram Handle?
Nalyssa Smith's Instagram handle is @nalyssasmith.

What Is Nalyssa Smith's Salary?
NaLyssa Smith's average annual salary is $75,556 as per her 3-year contract with the Indiana Fever.

Is Nalyssa Smith Dating Anyone Or Does She Have A Girlfriend?
Nalyssa Smith is in a relationship with WNBA star Dijonai Carrington.

What Is Nalyssa Smith's Twitter Handle?
Nalyssa Smith's Twitter handle is @NaLyssaSmith.

What Is The Contract Status Of Nalyssa Smith?
NaLyssa Smith is under a 3-year contract with the Indiana Fever from 2022 to 2025, earning an average annual salary of $75,556.

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