Harrison Barnes

Team: Sacramento Kings

Position: SF

Height: 6'8" (2.03m)

Weight: 225lb (102kg)

Country: USA

Attended: North Carolina

Age: 30 years

Dob: May 30, 1992

Draft: 2012 R1 Pick 7

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate

Latest Stats

Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings on Apr 30, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 14.67
Rebounds: 4.19
Assists: 1.4
Three Pointers Made: 1.61
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 24.14
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 23.51

Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors on Apr 28, 2023 Stats (away)
Points: 15.06
Rebounds: 4.3
Assists: 1.45
Three Pointers Made: 1.65
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 24.79
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 24.14

Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors on Apr 23, 2023 Stats (away)
Points: 15.21
Rebounds: 4.45
Assists: 1.47
Three Pointers Made: 1.67
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 25.13
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 24.44

Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors on Apr 20, 2023 Stats (away)
Points: 15.68
Rebounds: 4.65
Assists: 1.6
Three Pointers Made: 1.7
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 26.11
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 25.41

Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings on Apr 17, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 14.91
Rebounds: 4.36
Assists: 1.54
Three Pointers Made: 1.62
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 24.74
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 24.04

Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings on Apr 15, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 14.99
Rebounds: 4.35
Assists: 1.53
Three Pointers Made: 1.63
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 24.76
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 24.04

Utah Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings on May 16, 2021 Stats ()

Harrison Barnes is a professional basketball player from Ames, Iowa. He was born in 1992 and is currently playing for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball at North Carolina before being selected as the 7th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in 2012.

Barnes started playing basketball when he was five years old and quickly rose to become one of the best players in his age group. After high school, he chose to stay close to home and take part in an elite summer league which included future NBA stars such as John Wall and Kemba Walker. This experience only further propelled him into stardom as he earned himself a scholarship to North Carolina where he would eventually be named ACC Rookie of The Year following his freshman season.

In 2012, Barnes declared eligible for entry into the NBA Draft after two successful seasons with UNC, becoming the seventh overall pick by Golden State Warriors. His rookie year saw some moderate success due to injuries that kept him out at times but also saw averages of 9 points, 4 rebounds per game while shooting 45% from three-point range; impressive numbers that were good enough for him to earn a spot on All-Rookie second team honors come season end time .The next six seasons with Golden State would see Harrison develop into an integral piece of their championship run as he was instrumental during their historic 73 win season in 2015-16 where they went all way down until seven games against Cleveland Cavaliers before finally losing it all . Over these years Barnes developed trusted reputation among players & coaches alike due to his ability move without ball on offense , knock down open shots & defend multiple positions well when called upon .

In 2016 , Barnes signed with Dallas Mavericks after declining $64 million contract extension offer from Warriors ; however , this stint could never match up what had achieved during previous six years & thus brought back 2017 via trade after just one year away bringing more stability both professionally personally life . During latter half 2019-2020 season Harrison found new home Sacramento Kings whom took chance giving multiyear deal worth over eighty million dollars yet again proving loyalty has its own rewards even business world sports industry today’s standards .

Today , Harrison continues strive excellence both on off court helping mentor young up coming talent like Marvin Bagley III De’Aaron Fox achieve same heights once did alongside trying establish himself leader veteran locker room presence that can be relied upon reliable teammate day basis despite any given circumstance arise throughout course long grueling 82 game schedule each year