It is now official as Dana White tweeted on Mon. April 6th. Interestingly the bout is also still for a title. Unfortunately it will be the interim title. White still does not look to have verified a location however, but by most accounts, it is set to take place on U.S. soil, along the “west coast.” That could mean that the UFC will be leveraging the UFC Performance Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Current odds on the new headliner of Tony Ferguson (-170) vs. Justin Gaethje (+145) are set with Ferguson as the favorite. The rest of the card is yet to be verified as even the co-headliner is still in question as Andrade’s travel may prove difficult as well.

The other remaining questions include why was Khabib unable to use a private flight out of Dagestan, Russia? From the tone of Khabib’s thoughts on the event continuing, the champ did not feel comfortable with the uncertainties. Especially the unknown location issue that is still yet to be answered.