When it comes to predicting UFC fights, there are numerous factors that might determine the outcome of a match. Taking into account both fighters’ records, their skill sets, current form, strategic approach, as well their strengths and weaknesses, can all contribute to such a prediction.

Roman Dolidze (+136) and Nassourdine Imavov (-162) are set to meet at the UFC Fight Night which is anticipated to be an electrifying event worthy of note. Here, we will delve into the statistics and personal history of these fighters and help you determine who will likely emerge the victor in the grueling contest of strength, skill, endurance, and strategy.

Roman Dolidze, classified as the underdog in this contest (+136), initially set his base in kickboxing before venturing into specific MMA training. Born and raised in Georgia, Dolidze boasts an impressive professional MMA record of 8 wins and just 1 loss, indicating a persistent momentum that could sway the fight in his favor. A glance at his winning portfolio indicates that he is a versatile fighter, enjoying victories via a mixture of knockout, submission, and decisions.

On the other hand, the favourite to win the fight, Nassourdine Imavov (-162), originates from Russia but fights under the French flag. Known for his striking abilities, Imavov exhibits a composed and calculated attack style. His record in professional MMA is equally impressive; 9 wins and 3 losses to his name shows that he is capable of handling intense pressure in the ring.

Looking closer at Dolidze’s fighting style, his background in kickboxing and judo give him an edge when it comes to striking and grappling. His signature move is undeniably his head kick. Showcasing lightning-fast speed and deadly accuracy, this kick has often served as Dolidze’s ticket to a victory. Additionally, he is known to employ a relentless offensive approach, initiating attacks rather than waiting for counter opportunities.

Contrarily, Imavov’s approach is one of absorption and response, being known for his ability to bide his time and react swiftly to his opponent’s actions. Methodical and level-headed, Imavov often employs a combination of strikes and takedowns to keep his opponents guessing and on the defensive. His proficiencies in wrestling and boxing have shown to be a solid combination that allows him to switch tactics swiftly as per the situation demands.

Despite the contrasting styles, both fighters share similar weaknesses. Endurance over long fights seem to be a lacking quality in both Dolidze and Imavov. Their ability to maintain high-energy attacks dwindles as the round progresses. This could indeed result in an interesting contest to see who manages their energy better and still maintain a high offensive output.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the current form of both fighters. Dolidze is on an inconsistent run, entering the fight with a win followed by a loss in his last two fights. Meanwhile, Imavov enters the octagon on the back of a loss, but has won four out of his last five fights. Both fighters will be looking to bounce back with an assertive performance.

Taking all these factors into account, the prediction for the winner of Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov becomes highly engaging. While the odds favour Imavov (-162), Dolidze’s (+136) explosive power cannot be ignored. Imavov’s tactical acumen may be superior, but Dolidze’s aggressive approach could disrupt Imavov’s rhythm causing him to succumb to the Georgian’s relentless attacks.

Nonetheless, prediction endeavors have to arrive at a conclusion. Given their current form and the styles of fighting they adhere to, our prediction tilts in favor of Nassourdine Imavov. His calculated yet impactful approach to fights, combined with his boxing and wrestling skills, might just ensure he endures Dolidze’s early onslaught and capitalizes in the later rounds owing to his proven capability to adapt quickly.

However, it is essential to remember that in the realm of professional fighting, underdogs have often stolen the show. The fight could easily sway in favor of Dolidze if he manages to deliver those powerful kicks and early damage. But, at the same time, Imavov’s tactical proficiency might give him the edge in this duel.

Ultimately, the beauty of this sport is its unpredictability and the wonders that take place in the Octagon during UFC Fight Night. Whatever the outcome might be, Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov is surely a contest to watch out for, promising an exhilarating match full of dynamic action.










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